Braves Brew

Braves Brew is a new boost to learning!

The IH Foundation is proud to support this new initiative for learning for our HS Intervention Class. 

Braves Brew provides work-study students a hands-on opportunity to run a small service business that delivers orders for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to administrative offices on HS/MS campus on a weekly basis.  According to Intervention Specialist Jami Wallbank, "The main goal of Braves Brew will be to add invaluable work skills to the learning experience of our intervention students.  They can use their everyday math skills and gain valuable experience interacting socially within a structured environment."   Your support of the IH Foundation makes this new adventure possible.  Thank you! 

The IHHS Braves Brew team thanks you for this opportunity!

      Counting change for Mrs. Frickman in the front office

 Service with a smile!  Delivering to the HS Nurse, 

Students collect money and make change for Mrs. Jackson in the Counseling Department.